Hotel Ramada, the best company in Podgorica

Hotel Ramada Podgorica enters the 2020 with pride and enthusiasm, especially because it was awared several prestigious prizes during 2019. The traditional manifestation of Podgorica Tourist Organisation: “We choose the best in tourism and hospitality in the capital”, resulted in Savannah Continental Property Management & Lodging – Hotel Ramada being honored with the flattering title of the best company in Podgorica. And that’s not all.

The company that cares for the local community in a dedicated way, contributing greatly to the common good and the development of civil society, has also received the prestigious  „Iskra“ prize, awarded by the Fund for Active Citizenship. Corporate social responsibility programs relate to culture, sports and education.

Swedish company Savana has been operating in Montenegro since October 2016. The business system in Montenegro is comprised of Savana Continental Property Management & Lodging (hotel Ramada) and Savana Commercial Retail (Mall of Montenegro and Europoint building).