New favorite place, Brigitte bar

The citizens of Podgorica as of recently have a wonderful new ambience, which attracts with elegance, harmony, perfect food and service. It is a “Brigitte bar” located in hotel Ramada Podgorica. Carefully listening to the needs of the guests, the management of the company decided to create a new ambience in which the guests will feel extremely pleasant and welcome. The starting point was that modern man is looking for a pleasant ambience in which equally effectively, he will have a business lunch, enjoy the charms of happy hours with friends or find a perfect cake.

The modern businessman often works outside the office. The terrace of the “Brigitte bar“ is an exceptional setting for work, especially in the morning and during the first twilight. Especially if one finds a favorite corner where the light falls in the best manner and one does not mind the murmur and liveliness around.

The Gastronomic team of hotel Ramada Podgorica  has paid special attention to the guests of delicate taste so everyone may find something interesting on the menu. The richness of colors, flavors, aromas and spices is especially appealing in vegan food and salads. The hotel is dedicated to improving the services although regular guests claim that pleasant tone of communication and the top level of service provided is the main reason why they come here to have lunch or drink morning coffee.

The personal experience, emotion and energy felt during the first entry determine a person to love the ambience. We recommend, come to „Brigitte bar“ and discover your new, favorite place in town.