Welcome to Podgorica

There are so many beautiful places in the capital city of Montenegro that you should visit.

Podgorica is administrative, university and economic center of Montenegro. With excellent geographic position and pleasant Mediterranean climate it is great location for visiting during whole year. Distance from the Adriatic Sea is only 60 km, and from the north 10 km more.

Skadar lake
The largest and the most beautiful lake in the Balkans is located near Podgorica. It is only twenty minutes drive away from the Hotel Ramada Podgorica. Endemic plant and animal species, monasteries built on islands (covered with trees), habitat for endangered bird species and crypto depression are just some of the synonyms for this exceptional landscape, located close to the city. If bird watching is your passion, then touring the lake is the right choice. The monasteries built during the Middle Ages, when the Crusaders moved across these areas on their way to the Middle East, are unique in their beauty and distinctiveness. A specialty of this sight is the gastronomic and nomadic tour, which is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the delicacies of fish, goat cheese and olives. Hiking, boat, bike or quad rides along the beach can be a good way to get to know this fantastic sight.

If you are wine lover, vineyards around Lake Skadar have been famous since the Roman period, and stories and legends about the grapes and wine from Crmnica originated very long time ago.
Montenegro is the birthplace of Vranac, black like the black horse of the same name – the metaphor of a strong, noble wine. And, as soon as 1907, Montenegrin Vranac won the first prize at the London Wine Fair. The Vineyard is spread over 2,300 acres, it is planted with 11.5 million grapevines. It is bounded by the Canyon of the Cijevna River, and it is located on a special plot of land suitable for growing vines. In the immediate vicinity of the vineyard there is the Šipčanik Wine Cellar which is unique in its configuration, history, and oenological collection.
The Wine Cellar Šipčanik’s part of the offer, is organised wine and food tasting. These warm-hearted environments, easily accessible are highly recommended as a great activity.

Duklja and Medun
If you like to explore history, don’t miss visiting Doclea. The remains of the ancient city of Doclea, dating from the first decade of the firtst century AD. It is located 4 km away from the city on a plateau between the rivers Moraca, Zeta and Širalija. This historically and archeologically important site has been examined since the late nineteenth century. With the discovery of the famous „Podgorica glass“, which is now kept in the Russian Museum of the Hermitage, Doclea has been introduced in the world archeology. Doclea can be reached by a marked trail, if hiking is your choice or by car. The Old town Medun is situated about 12 kilometers north-east from Podgorica, lnown for its monumental complex that consists of the remains of the Illyrian city Meteon, St. Nikola’s Church and the birthplace of Marko Miljanov, a hero and famous writer, now a memorial museum of the city.

With a bike through the city
Possibilities for enjoying in capital city are numerous. You can rent a bike in our eco-friendly hotel and provide yourself sightseeing on this way. The boulevard in the immediate vicinity of the hotel has a marked cycle path, which allows visitors to make a tour around the city, on both banks of the Morača River. During the ride, we recommend you to visit Sastavci, the confluence of the Ribnica River into the Morača River. A bridge from the Ottoman period is a sight worth visiting. The specialty of this tour is getting to know different parts of the city and easier access to the sights.
For a tour, we suggest the former King Nichola’s Castle, now the Center of Contemporary Art.