Wine & Dine

After a busy working day, one usually looks for a pleasant environment known for a great meal, fine drink and fantastic service. Look no further than the Panorama Restaurant, located on the fifth floor of the Ramada Hotel

In the evening the panoramic view from the restaurant to the hottest European city, the surrounding hills and mountains under the golden rays of the sun which is spectacular and calming. The fusion of the Mediterranean-Montenegrin cuisine is a characteristic of this restaurant, with food carefully prepared so that even guests with refined gastronomic habits can find something delicious. The wines, which are perfectly paired with the dishes, delicious cakes and fresh fruits make our guests choose the Panorama Restaurant for a pleasant time over and over again.

Montenegro is country of the wine. Only five kilometers away from the hotel you can see part of  the biggest in Europe and wine cellar of company Plantaže. Experienced guides will introduce you to the experience of producing, maintaining and growing of this noble plant. Vranac wine is best paired with red meat dishes, spicy dishes as well as oily and strong cheeses. Krstač wine goes perfectly with light stews, sea and river fish, white meats with less spice and soft white cheeses. Food and wine tasting is part of this offer which you can organize directly on reception of the hotel.

Meet Podgorica and Montenegro through tastes. Enjoy long and slowly with no limit.